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Transportation quality program.
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Q-System Delivers quality

There is no one thing that can make a company provide better service; it takes a system. At Quik X, we call ours Q-System.

Q-System incorporates a number of resources, from philosophies to actual tools and policies that come together to deliver a higher quality product for you.

Q-System is an idea, a methodology and a lifestyle built by our customers and our people, working together. It harmoniously integrates procedures, measurements, policies, work instructions, channels of communication, tools, vendors and all other resources to produce unquestionable service quality.

Q-System translates our corporate philosophy into tangible service benefits, creating a positive environment of continuous improvement. It is our commitment to fulfilling your transportation requirements with the highest levels of success; ultimately, distinguishing our service quality above that of our competition.

The Q-System is a functional, customer-focused and continuous improvement process that not only sets us apart from our competitors but also enhances our ability to be consistently successful.

Q-System helps us recognize the common-sense basics of running a business with an eye not only on current results but also on the future prosperity of the organization itself and for all those who are touched by it.